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Trade 24/7 with Institutional grade Artificial Intelligence, that learns on the go and analyses vast amounts of market data.


Artificial Intelligence is the technology of the future.

We have brought it into the present consumer-trader market with AI Autotrade Discovery and Pro strategies. Our Artificial Intelligence program is an ongoing development within our machine learning trading academy.  Using our groundbreaking EIVI (External Influence Variable Input) system, our algo trading bots are able to receive new data and make adjustments to their trading.

This dynamic strategy protects your trading account in times of extreme volatility where most algo trading systems will fail.  This added risk management on all of your trades results in completely automated trade management that you can depend on, from the novice trader to the seasoned professional.

The Strategy

Think of AI Autotrade™ as a precision tool.

AI Autotrade™ trades the various currency pairs, typically EURO/USD and GBP/CAD depending on conditions. Typically, our program places 3-15 trades per week by the end of the U.S. trading session and before the Asian session begins. AI Autotrade™ systems search for opportunities to scale during this relatively low-volatility period. Trades are usually closed within a few hours to minimize your risk and maximize the effectiveness of the AI’s strategy. 

AI Autotrade Discovery

This program is a creative, adaptable trading program that uses machine learning to map the trading landscape which results in an automated tool that makes trades for you.

AI Autotrade™ Discovery essentially restricts some of the higher tier functions of the AI to protect the user from higher risk trades. This interface does sustain periods of drawdown (reduction from the peak margin before recovery); however, the amount of open drawdown is strictly limited, which prevents open positions from becoming unmanageable, which would cause a margin call. 

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AI Autotrade PRO

AI Autotrade™ PRO is an “active trader” and will place trades on a daily basis. The AI consistently makes returns, and rarely has a losing month after the averages are totaled.

The software calculates the minimum threshold for trade to ensure returns. The program is sensitive to volatility & relies on EIVI (External Influence Variable Input) to avoid trading days that are unusually volatile. The system uses a priority system for its risk leading it to take losses when needed, according to a highly precise algorithm, while maintaining an excellent return on your investment.  

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Risk Management

For long term profitability, risk management is essential to protecting your investment. AI Autotrade will have its (rare) losing days just like any other trading strategy, so it is necessary that you use a level of risk that you feel comfortable with. as conscientious investors, we must at all times protect our values assets and trade responsibly.

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