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Industry’s leading AI Trading Technology combined with customer-centric products.

It’s easy to see why our clients consider RegalX the world’s most powerful, secure and rewarding platform for profitable trading across a wide range of investment assets. 

Always Credible

Unprecedented credibility & coverage

The Parent company Regal Assets has been hailed the #1 International Bullion Dealer in the World for 2018, 2019, 2020, and also the world’s #1 Offshore Bullion Dealer for those years. It has been included in the Inc 500 list of the fastest-growing US companies.

The company has been widely covered by the likes of Forbes, Reuters, Bloomberg, Financial Magnates, MarketWatch, and Yahoo! Finance. With global recognition and a long-standing reputation backed by an extensive portfolio of real-world assets – including USD 1 billion in gold stored for clients – RegalX is always a safe bet.



Always Innovating

Leading the way in digital.

We’re not content resting on our laurels. We’re constantly innovating to lead the way in digital and conventional investments. RegalX and Regal Assets have pioneered the first insured deep cold storage, with insurance provided by Lloyds of London. Regal Assets is also the Middle East’s first firm to be licenced for cryptocurrency operations.

In partnership with watchmaker extraordinaire Franck Muller, we have created the first functional bitcoin watch. We also entered a partnership with Coinbase for Crypto IRA. So wherever the market might be moving, you know that RegalX will get there first.

Customers First, Always

Offering the freedom of multiple
investment types.

Our customers are always first. And that means many things. It means offering them the freedom of multiple investment types. It means making it easy to trade. Most importantly, it means supporting and educating – providing all the necessary support to ensure you are 100% comfortable with investments you’re making. Rather than push people into products  that yield higher fees or commissions for us, we focus on the products that are tailored to our investors’ needs instead. With RegalX, your interests come first.

We Have Your Back

We don’t just put you first.
We also have your back.

For advanced investors, the access to the world’s largest array of investment instruments – leveraged products such as CFDs that can amplify trades. It means powerful add-ons and tools that enable professionals to execute block trades across multiple accounts.

For casual traders and beginners, giving you access to all the resources you need to get started with your trading journey. It means bringing the power of social networks to trading – where you can trade like the pros do just by automatically following their trades. No matter your skill level, RegalX has you covered.

Always Transparent

We build partnerships for
the long-term.

At RegalX, our customer commitment leads to unprecedented clarity and transparency. We put all our cards on the table, and don’t hide behind the fine print. Our Terms and Conditions are clear – as is our fee and commission schedule.

You’ll know what everything costs before you sign up to anything. We build partnerships for the long-term. And that means being transparent, down to the last detail.

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